Eating is a necessity and cooking is an art!

Udupi Madras Cafe is a South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant located in the heart of the city. We are well known for our detailed service and innovation. Udupi Cuisine is the origin of one of the "TOP 10 DISHES OF THE WORLD", the ubiquitous Indian dish masala dosa. Our chefs portrayed their creativity to bring about more than 60 varieties of dosas. We also serve idly, Medu vada and all other appetizers, famous across India. Udupi Madras Cafe serves the best thali with either poori/chapati/rice options and also we serve the most famous Gadbad Ice Cream.



11:30 AM - 9:30 PM


11:30 AM - 10:00 PM


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10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Weekend Special Breakfast Buffet ( Sat- Sun )

Dine in and Take out

10:00 AM -12:00 PM


Call Us: 905-277-0010

Parking instructions:

90 minutes free parking for restaurant customers.

1.Please park the car anywhere in the restaurant parking lot(On the right hand side of the restaurant).

2.Please go to the restaurant and register your vehicle number plate at the restaurant cash counter.

3.Please do not pay or try to take any slip from parking meter at the parking lot.

4.No need to display any parking slip on the car dash board.

Enjoy the underground safe parking facility and authentic South Indian delicacies at Udupi madras cafe.

About Us

Eating is a necessity and cooking is an art

Udupi Madras Cafe is very proud to say we have been contributing to the art of cooking, passionately for past 9 years and looking forward to serve for infinite years with Blessings of God and support of the Best Folks.

Our deep belief that serving food is a service to humanity

Udupi Madras Cafe has all the ingredients to make your meal an experience to remember!

Udupi is a town in south-west Indian state of Karnataka which is famous for 'Parashurama Kshetra' and its unique cuisine. Madras, which is now called Chennai, is famous for its exclusive food culture and traditional range of cuisine that is called South Indian Cuisine. In our Udupi Madras cafe we serve South Indian Dishes with wide range of varieties and options innovated by our chefs.

Udupi Cuisine is the origin of one of the "TOP 10 DISHES OF THE WORLD", the ubiquitous Indian dish masala dosa. Our chefs portrayed their creativity to bring about 60 varieties of dosas.

We are well known for detailed service, as you like it, if the dishes are to be spicy, less spicy, gluten free, vegan, additional toppings, less oil, Nut free, Jain etc.

We serve the best Thali platter in and around Mississauga which comprises of rice, sambar, rasam, 1 dry subzi, 1 vegetable curry, 1 dal, special rice for the day, a dessert, buttermilk, yogurt, pickle, papad, poori/chapati/dosa. In case if you feel rice is heavy, go for one additional chapati/poori/dosa.

Don't forget to have a sip of our traditional Madras Filter coffee/Masala tea to start your day or at the end of the meal.

Complete your meal with UDUPI SPECIAL GADBAD ICE CREAM. Gadbad is a deliciously stacked hodgepodge of 3 different ice-cream flavors, fresh and dry fruits, jello and nuts. It is served in a tall transparent glass and served with a long iced teaspoon so that you can really dig into the layers right on down to the bottom. This layered affair is eaten as mishmash, as you need to push down through all the flavors in a single spoonful. It is considered a whole meal, not simply a dessert!

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. Udupi Madras Cafe is for all the food lovers.